Limit Your Hassle

Time after time I pick up the phone to hear someone tell me their real estate troubles. Some I can help. Many I cannot. Why? Because they are still under contract with another real estate agent/broker and I cannot interfere.

My best advice to you is to be VERY careful when choosing your next real estate professional. Industry talk is that some 78% of all sellers speak to only one or two agents before deciding who to place their most valuable asset with. Now, that may be okay if you have confidence in your agent and know his or her background and have checked around. But if not, you better start asking some questions.

  • How many transactions have you personally dealt with in the last twelve months? (I could not care less how long someone has had a license. That has nothing to do with relevant experience.)
  • How many listings are you currently servicing?
  • How many listings can you competently service at this time?
  • Do you have any administrative help? (Not necessary. But very helpful. If you are interviewing a sole practitioner just make sure they are not overloaded.)
  • What is your fee? (Be careful here. An agent willing to slash their fee, especially too quickly, may also be willing to sell your house at a lower price the first chance they get!)
  • Are there any additional costs to this fee?
  • What do you think the market looks like at this time?
  • If I have problems with your service, how will we get them resolved?
  • What is your process of communication to keep me updated on my house?

I can give you a dozen more questions you could be or should be asking. The point is..Do Your Homework before signing the contract. It can make a big difference in how much “hassle” you will have to go through. Or how smoothly a transaction will go.

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