A Client’s Comments

One of my clients wrote a response to one of my postings. His comments were longer than the 300 words allowed under comments so he emailed me the doc and I’m posting it here for you to read.

It should be said that he makes money in real estate far differently than I do. He does follow NODs and looks for opportunities in all sorts of places. But the point is he works. And he works hard and with a plan. He knows his criteria and if I call him with something outside that criteria, regardless of how sweet it is, he will simply pass.

Anyway, here are his comments;

First of all, Chris is absolutely right on! For those of you that are just getting to know Chris…LISTEN UP. Also, there is no way to get rich quick. Getting rich is easy, but very boring. You must have a sound fiscal education. You can however shorten the learning curve by taking the time to learn every day. I attend several seminars yearly, some of which cost thousands of dollars. Your education is the most important part of your life. You either need to be the expert, or hire one. I do both. As far as finding prospects…There are a million ways. You must first set your current cash flow needs, then your long term goals. The late night gurus(the right ones) absolutely know what they are talking about. I know many investors who employ these strategies. I even employ a few. For me…Life is about family, and freedom. I work very hard to generate large profits. I do however work when I want. Learn as much as you can from Chris, and others and you can write your own ticket.


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