REALTOR Who Specializes in Investment Property

Almost by accident did I begin to learn about investment property and why you and I should own more than we do. One of my first clients was passed on to me as a new real estate sales person. This client owned a townhouse in a part of town nobody really wanted. It didn’t cost much and even with 100% owner financing he could not seem to get it sold. So being new, I gave it the old college try. Well, low and behold I found a buyer and was I pleased with myself!

Several weeks after closing the seller called me and asked me if I would like to sell the other three townhomes he had in the same complex. It never occurred to me that he would own more than one investment property! But I was pleased with the challenge and eventually got those homes sold. After getting them all under contract (and by this time I had done my homework and knew he owned 23 more properties) the seller called and asked me to list 13 more of his homes!

Obviously, this was fantastic for a newer REALTOR, business wise. But it was also fantastic education wise. I learned a lot from that man. And with that beginning I really began to educate myself on the power of owning investment real estate.

Today, most of my business is working with people looking to increase, exchange or liquidate their real estate holdings. Some own 60+ properties. Some are looking to buy their first income property. I still learn from both. And I believe they learn from me, as well. This blog will take on isolated subjects as it moves forward. Feel free to give your comments and suggest topics. I’ll give you my thoughts. You’ll probably be able to tell me, right away, of someone who thinks differently. It really doesn’t matter. You have to figure out what works best for you. What you feel comfortable with. That’s why I’m here to help.

Get started! Read. Ask questions. Drive around neighborhoods. And when you are ready to really get going, set your criteria. After you have your criteria set in concrete, finding the right house gets easy.

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